Raspberry Pi partnered with Hailo for its AI kit

Raspberry Pi partnered with Hailo for its AI kit
Image Source: Rasberry PiBy Tue, 04 Jun 2024 19:26:42 GMT

The Raspberry Pi 5 has taken a significant leap forward in the world of AI computing with the release of its new AI Kit. This $70 extension kit, powered by Hailo's Hailo-8L M.2 accelerator, enables local inferencing capabilities, making it an attractive option for tech hobbyists and industrial companies alike.

The AI Kit utilizes the HAT+ extension card, adding an M.2 slot connected to the Raspberry Pi through a single-lane PCIe 3.0 interface running at 8Gbps. This setup allows for seamless integration with the Raspberry Pi OS, which automatically detects the Hailo module. The latest version of the OS supports neural network inferencing, enabling applications like object detection, semantic segmentation, and facial landmarking.

Raspberry Pi's partnership with Hailo brings a powerful AI chip to the table, capable of running AI workloads on edge devices. The Hailo-8L module offers 13 tera-operations per second (TOPS), a notable achievement considering its low power consumption of under 2W.

The AI Kit opens up a world of possibilities for Raspberry Pi users. From chatbots to camera applications, the potential uses are vast. With the ability to run AI-based applications natively, users can explore object detection, pose estimation, and more. The Hailo chip can also be used for non-camera applications, leaving the door open for innovative uses.

Raspberry Pi's AI Kit is part of a larger trend in the tech industry, as companies like Microsoft, AMD, and Nvidia race to integrate AI capabilities into portable devices. With the AI Kit, Raspberry Pi is poised to take a significant share of the market, offering a cost-effective solution for AI computing.