Humane Tells Users to Stop Using Ai Pin Case Over Fire Risk

Humane Tells Users to Stop Using Ai Pin Case Over Fire Risk
Image Source: Humane AIBy Thu, 06 Jun 2024 02:37:08 GMT

The company has recently issued a critical advisory for users of its $700 AI Pin. Customers are being urged to discontinue using the Charge Case accessory that came with the device due to potential fire safety risks. This announcement was made via email to customers, with The Verge sharing the details.

Humane stated that this precautionary measure follows a report of a charging issue. A thorough investigation revealed a quality problem with the battery cell supplied by a third-party vendor, leading Humane to cease working with this supplier. The issue appears to be confined to the Charge Case, and other accessories like the AI Pin itself, Battery Boosters, and Charge Pad remain unaffected. As a temporary solution, Humane is seeking a new battery vendor.

Despite the seriousness of this issue, Humane is not issuing a recall or providing refunds. Instead, customers will receive two months of the Humane subscription for free as compensation. The AI Pin, launched in November, was designed to be a standalone AI-driven device, featuring a magnetic battery system that attaches to clothing, a laser ink display for projecting information onto the user's hand, and a built-in camera. However, the device has been met with significant criticism for its poor performance.

Initially unveiled at CES 2024 in January, the Humane AI Pin was touted as a multifunctional wearable device intended to act as a "second brain and assistant," capable of performing web searches, making calls, sending texts, capturing photos, and taking notes. However, since its release in April, the AI Pin has struggled to meet expectations, garnering predominantly negative reviews.

The recent charging case issue adds to the growing list of challenges for Humane. Reports suggest the company might even be seeking a buyer, indicating deeper underlying problems. The advisory to stop using the Charge Case is just the latest setback for a product that has already faced considerable scrutiny.

This situation underscores the complexities and difficulties of hardware development, especially for new entrants in the market. With nascent categories like AI-driven wearables, the challenges are even more pronounced. The future for Humane remains uncertain, and it will be intriguing to see how the company navigates these turbulent times and what strategic decisions it will make moving forward.